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How Westworld’s soundtrack echoes its themes

I’ve just finished watching the first season of Westworld, and I enjoyed it very much. I was hooked from the moment it was suggested that there was a deeper mystery within the park, behind all the recorded quests made available to the guests in that real-life version of Zelda or World of Warcraft. The fact that the park’s founder himself (Robert Ford / Anthony Hopkins) didn’t seem to be completely sure about what it was only…

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Whatever happened to the punk movement?

[Beta version. Please feel free to comment!] What is (or was) punk? Is it still relevant? 2016 was the 40th anniversary of the release of Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols — and as a consequence, the opportunity for London to hold a number of celebrations around the Punk movement. Punk is one of the things I’ve been researching these past two years, in preparation for a French anthology of short stories. Its theme,…

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Liars’ League HK posted another video of a piece I wrote for them. The theme this time was “Presence & Absence” (or “Presents & Absence,” in an early post), which I found rather difficult. In the end, I used some of my memories to tell something about loss and longing — this is not a funny story like last time. The piece was brought to life by the charming Grace Fung. And here’s the video:  

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Favourite albums of 2016

I’ve always been skeptical about suggesting albums — in my experience, people’s tastes in music differ far more widely than for books or movies.  While you can guess that a friend who likes thrillers will probably enjoy House of Cards, the fact that she likes Kraftwerk doesn’t mean that she will enjoy Daft Punk; or if she does, she might get her kicks out of different albums from you (Homework rather than Discovery, or their soundtrack for Tron: Legacy). I suspect that individual…

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Wrecks from the past, cameras from the future

It was during our last dive in Coron, in the Philippines.  For three days, we had been descending on Japanese shipwrecks from WW2 — the Sangat gunboat, the Morazan Maru, the Akitsushima and its crane for lifting seaplanes out of the water, the 170m-long Okikawa Maru oil tanker — all sunk on the same day, September 24, 1944, by the US Air Force. Swimming around — and sometimes inside — these behemoths was truly awe-inspiring.  It almost reconciled me…

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Speed Dating

Liars’ League HK just posted the recording of a short comedy sketch I wrote this summer. The theme was “Hello & Goodbye,” which inspired me to look for a situation where characters say these words repeatedly. Speed dating events imposed themselves – -and their intrinsic absurdity dictated the genre. The piece was read on September 26 by the amazing Angus Gallagher, who did a fantastic job of it. The video is below, and the full text is…

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The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Thirty Second Annual Collection

Very happy to announce that my novelette “The Rider”, originally published in F&SF, reappears this week in the latest annual issue of The Year’s Best SF, edited by Gardner Dozois. Here is the full list of content: The Fifth Dragon, Ian McDonald (Reach for Infinity) The Rider, Jérôme Cigut (F&SF) The Days of the War, as Red as Blood, as Dark as Bile, Aliette de Bodard (Subterranean Online) The Burial of Sir John Mawe at Cassini, Chaz…

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The Rider, F&SF September / October 2014

I am very happy to announce that my novelette “The Rider” will appear in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (aka F&SF) in September. No, strike that, I am not very happy — I am overjoyed, ecstatic, bouncing all over the place, and still not completely sure this is really happening.  It’s a dream come true to be accepted in F&SF.  Many, many thanks to Gordon Van Gelder and the F&SF team, and to all the friends who commented…

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Abandoned houses, Chek Keng

North-East of Hong Kong lies the vast Sai Kung East Country Park, much appreciated for its views, its white sand beaches and its hiking trails. Yet one of my favourite parts of the area is the little town of Chek Keng, North of the peninsula, where (as far as I could tell) almost all houses lie abandoned and crumbling. Nature, always thriving in the tropical climate, is quick to claim back what people no longer look after, sealing doors…

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