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Covid-19, 28 days later

Short post — what Asia can tell us on what the world will look like in a month: Certain: strict enforcement of MHM: Masks for everyone Hands washing, frequently Meter’s distance in public. Also likely: Generalised testing (swabs, blood tests) to identify silent carriers, clusters and immune individuals Compulsory, localised…

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Modern music hits and renaissance painters

Came across this piece from the New Yorker on a composer who’s had almost as many hits as the Beatles — and yet, is virtually unknown. He also prefers it that way. The article brings interesting comparisons between modern music and renaissance painting workshops, where cohorts of students worked…

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Les billets pas chers

« Oh, ça va, le billet n’est pas cher ! » — Un passager anonyme du Titanic. J’aurais dû me douter qu’il y avait baleine sous roche lorsque ma moitié s’est exclamée ainsi. Mais j’étais occupé à empêcher No. 1 de mettre les doigts dans la prise, de sauter du canapé la…

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Show vs Tell

Just finished reading Robert Graves’ I, Claudius. What struck me through the book is how much of it is written as “Tell” (telling the reader what happened, as you would to a friend over the dinner table) and not “Show” (making the reader live the characters’ actions, by multiplying elements…

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