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Toni Erdmann

2016, Maren Ade, with Peter Simonischek and Sandra Hüller. 2h42. Premise: In order to see his daughter, a busy strategy consultant, an estranged father with clownish tendencies insinuates himself into her life by pretending to be…

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Liars’ League HK posted another video of a piece I wrote for them. The theme this time was “Presence & Absence” (or “Presents & Absence,” in an early post), which I found rather difficult.…

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Speed Dating

Liars’ League HK just posted the recording of a short comedy sketch I wrote this summer. The theme was “Hello & Goodbye,” which inspired me to look for a situation where characters say these…

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Visiting flats

The agent: “This one is facing South-West.” [Opens the door.] Me: “But… There are no windows?” Agent: “Yes, there are! (Opens the bathroom door.) Look!” Me: “This is not a window, this is……


Chess players

In the three years I’ve lived in this neighbourhood of Hong Kong, I have often noticed them: two greying men, fifty or sixty-something, playing Chinese chess on a foldable table and chairs, right…

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