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Visiting flats

The agent: “This one is facing South-West.”

[Opens the door.]

Me: “But… There are no windows?”

Agent: “Yes, there are! (Opens the bathroom door.) Look!”

Me: “This is not a window, this is… (Looks in his French-to-English dictionary) …ah, you don’t have a word for that.

A slit? A basement window?

Agent: ” This is no basement. This is 30th floor.”

Me: “Sure but how can I tell that it’s the 30th, and not the basement?”

Agent: “It’s written on the lift.”

Me: “…

…Anyway. Not interested.”

Agent: “The landlord has another one, if you want to see.”

Me: “Does it have windows? Does it have light?”

Agent: “It has a washing machine. You want to see?”