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About Jérôme Cigut

3066-lowresI was born in France, but half my family came from Central Europe. I write mostly in English, and occasionally in French. After a few spells in Dublin, New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong, I’ve been living in Singapore since 2018.

Current centers of interest (10/2018): psychology, theatre, astrophysics (will we see a black hole this year?), and ecology. I’m also passionate about music (classical, jazz, pop, electro), although I’m yet to find someone who’s heard of what I listen to.

Main influences: Groucho Marx, who made me love comedy and nonsense; F’murr for the same reason; Terry Pratchett, whose puns are the reason I learned English; Antoine Galland for the beauty of his 18th-century translation of the One Thousand and One Nights; Thomas Pynchon for his ability to subvert genres and integrate both pop culture and hard scientific concepts in his stories; James Ellroy for his mastery of the Noir genre; and many others.

I’m less interested in genres than in technique and what art triggers and reveals.









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