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Month: March 2012

Spin, Robert Charles Wilson

Great premises, great execution, great book! Summary plot: One night, as Diane and Jason Lawton, twins, and their best friend Tyler Dupree gaze at the sky, the moon and the stars all suddenly vanish — as well as all man-made satellites. The following morning, the Sun rises normally… But it very soon appears that…

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Fishkeeping for dictators

Apparently, one of Colonel Gaddafi’s sons had ordered a cruise liner to entertain as many as 3,500 guests. The lavish setting included — of course — marble pillars and tons of gilt… but also a 120-tonnes water tank, to accommodate six living sharks. SMERSH (or SPECTRE, in the movies) would…

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After All

Two songs that I listen to a lot these days: “After all”, on We Have Band’s new album Ternion. I find the acoustic version of this title far superior to the original, electronic version (which is paradoxical, for an electro band!). In particular, from roughly 1:20 in this version, I…

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Kraken, China Miéville

An excellent surprise! Rough plot: Billy Harrow, a curator at London’s Natural History Museum, discovers one morning that the museum’s top attraction — a giant squid — has disappeared. But how exactly can a forty-foot-long specimen (and its tank full of formalin) “vanish” overnight without anyone noticing? And why are…

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