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Month: November 2012

Morning rituals

Monday, 8:30 am LOVE OF MY LIFE: Bye! See you tonight! (Exits) ME (taking a shower): ♪ Ladadi la diladi… ♪ [Phone rings] ME (dripping water and soap on the floor): Yes? LOVE OF MY LIFE: Did I leave my keys on the table? ME (seeing them just in front…

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The Fog of War (2003)

By luck, I saw yesterday this great documentary —  in fact, a collection of interviews with Robert S. McNamara, the former US Secretary of Defence. If you are interested in History, especially of the Second World War and the 1960s, I highly recommend that you watch it. The movie is…

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James Bond and music

The latest James Bond, Skyfall, has just been released in this part of the world, and I expect to see it very soon. Considering this, and given that it’s Friday (for various reasons the most boring/stressful day of the week for me, hence the day when I like to discover…

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