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Abandoned houses, Chek Keng

North-East of Hong Kong lies the vast Sai Kung East Country Park, much appreciated for its views, its white sand beaches and its hiking trails. Yet one of my favourite parts of the area is the little town of Chek Keng, North of the peninsula, where (as far as I could tell) almost all houses lie abandoned and crumbling. Nature, always thriving in the tropical climate, is quick to claim back what people no longer look after, sealing doors and windows with creepers until they collapse and stay open forever.

In front of this, a single plain jetty of white concrete extends into Chek Keng Hau (creek), a long, narrow and quiet expanse of sea water that few boats ever visit. There is no sound, not even from the little grey crabs patrolling the jetty, wondering what has come to disturb their realm. I just love to sit or lie there in the silence, and enjoy simply living under the stark white sun of Summer or the light grey rain of Spring and Autumn, far from anyone, far from anything…


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