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Visiting flats

The agent: “This one is facing South-West.”

[Opens the door.]

Me: “But… There are no windows?”

Agent: “Yes, there are! (Opens the bathroom door.) Look!”

Me: “This is not a window, this is… (Looks in his French-to-English dictionary) …ah, you don’t have a word for that.

A slit? A basement window?

Agent: ” This is no basement. This is 30th floor.”

Me: “Sure but how can I tell that it’s the 30th, and not the basement?”

Agent: “It’s written on the lift.”

Me: “…

…Anyway. Not interested.”

Agent: “The landlord has another one, if you want to see.”

Me: “Does it have windows? Does it have light?”

Agent: “It has a washing machine. You want to see?”


  1. Dominique Dominique

    Great exercise… just found an little appartment for my student son. Well, the notion of decent lodging is not internationaly spread, or ?

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