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Covid-19, 28 days later

Short post — what Asia can tell us on what the world will look like in a month:

Certain: strict enforcement of MHM:

  • Masks for everyone
  • Hands washing, frequently
  • Meter’s distance in public.

Also likely:

  • Generalised testing (swabs, blood tests) to identify silent carriers, clusters and immune individuals
  • Compulsory, localised quarantine for clusters — which will probably create unrest in some areas
  • Tracking apps for everyone, to identify individuals at risk of having been infected (China, Iran, Israel and Singapore already have one)
  • Borders will remain closed for a long time — think 12-18 months at least –, except between countries where the epidemic is under control, or if you can prove that you are immune. Forget about holidays abroad

More positively, treatments will start to appear:

  • In the next month or so: blood serum from cured people
  • Next 2-3 months: best practices
  • Next 3-6 months: we’ll know whether some existing drugs work against the virus
  • Next 12-24 months: a vaccine, maybe.

Opinions welcome.

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