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New Scientist Flash Fiction competition — “Forgotten Futures”

I have just been informed that my submission to New Scientist‘s flash fiction competition was selected by Neil Gaiman and the magazine’s staff as the best of the entries!!!

I am absolutely overjoyed, and extremely honoured by this decision. I wish to thank all the members of the jury at New Scientist and of course Neil Gaiman for their decision!

The short story should now be published in the magazine’s end-of-year edition, which should be in the shops around December 21. (If you can’t find it, it’s probably because I went crazy and hoarded all the available copies.) It will also be published on New Scientist‘s website.

I can’t wait to see the magazine — my first story published! Knowing that the great Neil Gaiman read it is also very cool.

I am also eager to read the other short-listed stories. It is always fascinating to see how people can interpret the same thing differently — even more so when it is only a few words, like this year’s competition theme, “Forgotten Futures”. I’m sure they will all be very, very good!

I am so happy!

Go now and buy your copy of New Scientist!  Buy ten copies of New Scientist!! Buy all the copies of New Scientist that you can find!!! 😉

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