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Haven’t posted here in a long time — I must confess it’s been a very agitated two or three months. I now find myself with a number of opportunities, including:

a) taking some time off to write a novel (or three), and

b) changing the scenery… drastically.

I’ll be spending time in Asia over the next few weeks, to consider.

And in the meantime, I will probably write anyway. 😉


Thursday evening, in a dimly-lit pub in the shadow of the Savoy Hotel, two conspirators discussed alternate realities, steampunk (and the lack thereof) and Doctor Who, among many other things. No-one was arrested afterwards — at least not yet — but it was good fun to meet Takisys in person.
Once again, thanks a lot for your input on Ceux d’en bas. And I hope to meet again soon, in person or virtually!

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