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Happy 2012!

Happy new year to all of you, may it bring you happiness and inspiration!

Once again, I wish you something good, something funny and something beautiful this year! As for me, I think I had all three last year:

  • The good, in finally deciding to move to Hong Kong;
  • The funny, several times throughout the year, but a certain encounter in HK is certainly close to the top of my list;
  • And the beautiful, several times too… But in particular when I finished The People Below and felt like the job was done, and a fine job that was (if i may say so myself 😉 ).


So as the year is over, it’s time to take a hard look at it.

  • Total stories written: 3 short stories, 1 novelette and 2 translations. Depending whether you consider the translations or not, it’s  either + or -20% over last year (5). Given how long it takes to translate a story (almost as long as to write one!), I would take the positive view. Conclusion: YAY!
  • Total word and sign count: if the translations are included (and I think they should), I wrote 47,000 words this year, a 37% increase over last year. In signs (including spaces), it’s 278,000 (+31.6%). That’s about 130 words per day — not a lot, but not that considering that I also have a real job during the day! Conclusion: YAY!
  • Total stories submitted: 5. That’s two-thirds more than last year. And a sixth one is coming soon. Conclusion: YAY!
  • Total stories published: unfortunately, zero this year. But two of the rejection letters left the door open to resubmitting the story in a revised form… so it’s actually not that bad.  Conclusion: YAY!

Conclusion: 2011 was a rather good year, and I think I made really good progress on my technique. In particular, I have learned a lot from Cocyclics, a French amateur writers’ collective which I warmly recommend to all budding (French-speaking) plumitifs.

Projects for 2012: apart from organising the move to Hong Kong… The People Below should soon be ready; meanwhile, I am also revising one of the stories that received a “No, but…”. After that, I might have a look at several short story ideas I had over the past year…

But maybe is it also time to finally move on something a bit more ambitious, that I have been postponing for too long… 😉

Time will tell. In the meantime — have a wonderful 2012!

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