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Uchronic movies


Watching the grand North by Northwest a few months back, I couldn’t help feeling that the lead actor was George Clooney, or at least his father. The same looks, charisma and type of roles — decades apart, Cary Grant and him seem to fit exactly the same “niche” (or should we say “meme”?) in the Hollywood ecosystem.

If George Clooney one day falls on hard times (but I doubt it), I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he has been cast for an Arsenic and Old LacesCharade or (of course) North by Northwest remake.

But what if it went the other way round?

What if all the blockbusters we are familiar with (Groundhog Day, Die Hard, Avatar, even James Bond…) had been filmed ten, twenty, thirty years before their time? What actors would have been cast? And how would it look like?

Well, Peter Stults and Sean Hartter have the answer… Have a look, it’s absolutely fantastic.

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