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Black Static #31, Nov-Dec 2012

Image Some very nice stories in this excellent magazine devoted to Horror:

  • Barbary, by Jackson Kuhl, where a man afflicted with ocular hypertension finds relief in smoking something rather different from what certain Californian shops have to offer. Very original and nicely written, in an 18-19th century environment. Highly recommended!
  • Skein and bone, by V.H. Leslie–how to become a real “fashion victim” (or why you shouldn’t go off-track in countryside France).
  • The Things that get you through, by Steven J. Dines, or how bereavement can go very wrong, especially if you get some “help” from the Weird Sisters. Quite poignant.
  • Two Houses Away, by James Cooper–another story about bereavement, but used in very a different way. I must confess I didn’t expect this ending, very graceful.

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