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In which I try not to talk complete nonsense

Stephen Mazur of F&SF kindly asked me a few questions about “The Rider”. Here is the full interview, for those interested — caution, there might be some light spoilers: Have a great week-end everyone, JC



Adj. /ˈtɹetʃəˈɹɛsk/ 1. Being both scenic and dangerous. She told me the hike would be treacheresque. I nearly died on the way back. 2. Appropriate answer when replying to people you don’t like that much. “How was the hike? We were thinking of doing it.” “Oh, it’s absolutely treacheresque. You should totally…

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Best Wishes!

Final post for the year… So in this tenth day after the end of the world (which didn’t happen), I wish to you all a great year 2013. May you find who you really want to be, enjoy life, and make it better! Happy new year!

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