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The Jedi fruitseller

I had left the office quite late, and I had been tasked to find a salad before coming home. In another city, this might have been difficult, so late in the evening, but I happen to work just above one of Hong Kong’s most famous wet markets, where stalls upon…


In which I try not to talk complete nonsense

Stephen Mazur of F&SF kindly asked me a few questions about “The Rider”. Here is the full interview, for those interested — caution, there might be some light spoilers: Have a great week-end everyone, JC



Adj. /ˈtɹetʃəˈɹɛsk/ 1. Being both scenic and dangerous. She told me the hike would be treacheresque. I nearly died on the way back. 2. Appropriate answer when replying to people you don’t like that much. “How was the hike? We were thinking of doing it.” “Oh, it’s absolutely treacheresque. You should totally…

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