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Mathematics and Politics

Amusing view from Plato on how to train politicians: We must endeavour to persuade those who are prescribed to be the principal men of our State to go and learn arithmetic, not as amateurs, but they must carry on the study until they see the nature of numbers with the…



Haven’t posted here in a long time — I must confess it’s been a very agitated two or three months. I now find myself with a number of opportunities, including: a) taking some time off to write a novel (or three), and b) changing the scenery… drastically. I’ll be spending…

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Back to England

Back from holidays. Didn’t do much, except progress further in Pynchon’s Against the Day. Certainly one of his most difficult books — yet still as puzzling as V. or The Crying of Lot 49. I can’t say for sure as I am only half-way through, but there is certainly something…

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We Have Band

Encore noyé sous le boulot, et probablement pour tout le week-end, mais au moins je suis en bonne compagnie: avec le premier CD de We Have Band, qui m’a absolument soufflé lorsque je l’ai découvert hier. Deux extraits: Chaleureusement recommandé.

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Strong stuff

Back in France for the year-end holidays. It shouldn’t be legal to enjoy food and drinks that much, but at the same time it’s so difficult to find the same quality in the UK that I can’t be bothered to feel guilty. Happy holidays everyone! Best wishes for 2011! May…

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Of preciousssss and Khaldei…

And so New Scientist‘s Christmas issue should be out tomorrow, with my story (Atomic Dreams) on page 78. (Go and buy it! Buy plenty of it!!!). It feels wonderful to see one’s name in print — I’m actually going completely Gollum at the moment (“It’s miiine! Miiiiine!!! My precioussssss!!!…“). Please tell…