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Tag: humour

Speed Dating

Liars’ League HK just posted the recording of a short comedy sketch I wrote this summer. The theme was “Hello & Goodbye,” which inspired me to look for a situation where characters say these words repeatedly. Speed dating events imposed themselves – -and their intrinsic absurdity dictated the genre. The piece…

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Visiting flats

The agent: “This one is facing South-West.” [Opens the door.] Me: “But… There are no windows?” Agent: “Yes, there are! (Opens the bathroom door.) Look!” Me: “This is not a window, this is… (Looks in his French-to-English dictionary) …ah, you don’t have a word for that. A slit? A basement…


The Jedi fruitseller

I had left the office quite late, and I had been tasked to find a salad before coming home. In another city, this might have been difficult, so late in the evening, but I happen to work just above one of Hong Kong’s most famous wet markets, where stalls upon…


Morning rituals

Monday, 8:30 am LOVE OF MY LIFE: Bye! See you tonight! (Exits) ME (taking a shower): ♪ Ladadi la diladi… ♪ [Phone rings] ME (dripping water and soap on the floor): Yes? LOVE OF MY LIFE: Did I leave my keys on the table? ME (seeing them just in front…

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Midnight in Paris

Saw Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (2011) last week. Nice, funny movie, although possibly a tad too long toward the end. One scene that struck me during the movie: Gil: I would like you to read my novel and get your opinion. Ernest Hemingway: I hate it. Gil: You haven’t…

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