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Favourite albums of 2016

I’ve always been skeptical about suggesting albums — in my experience, people’s tastes in music differ far more widely than for books or movies.  While you can guess that a friend who likes thrillers will probably enjoy House of Cards, the fact that she likes Kraftwerk doesn’t mean that she will enjoy…

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James Bond and music

The latest James Bond, Skyfall, has just been released in this part of the world, and I expect to see it very soon. Considering this, and given that it’s Friday (for various reasons the most boring/stressful day of the week for me, hence the day when I like to discover…

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After All

Two songs that I listen to a lot these days: “After all”, on We Have Band’s new album Ternion. I find the acoustic version of this title far superior to the original, electronic version (which is paradoxical, for an electro band!). In particular, from roughly 1:20 in this version, I…

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