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James Bond and music

The latest James Bond, Skyfall, has just been released in this part of the world, and I expect to see it very soon. Considering this, and given that it’s Friday (for various reasons the most boring/stressful day of the week for me, hence the day when I like to discover…

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Happy solstice!

It was the summer solstice yesterday — the longest day of the year, and the occasion in many cultures to celebrate life (=light) at its high point. I had written about it last year (in French, sorry ;-)). At the time, I had noticed the picture above, wondering what this…

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Spin, Robert Charles Wilson

Great premises, great execution, great book! Summary plot: One night, as Diane and Jason Lawton, twins, and their best friend Tyler Dupree gaze at the sky, the moon and the stars all suddenly vanish — as well as all man-made satellites. The following morning, the Sun rises normally… But it very soon appears that…

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